Office Closed

Today, we closed the JustPublics@365 office at The Graduate Center. Thanks to everyone who made the project such a huge success, especially our colleagues at the CUNY J-School. Of course, we owe many thanks to Doug Wood at the Ford Foundation for making the project possible.

Look for our book about the project, Being a Scholar in the Digital Era (by Jessie Daniels and Polly Thistlethwaite) due out in 2016, from Policy Press (UK).

Packing Boxes


The many accomplishments of the project are detailed in this report and in this series of social justice eBooks. And, if you’re one of one the thousand or more people who attended our MediaCamp Workshops, you may find this Social Media Toolkit for Academics useful.  If you’re interested in the work we did with our online course see this article. And, if you’re interested in the work we did to further open access, see this article.

Adieu! ~