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MediaCamp Workshops

Leading the Way: Toward a Public Health & Safety Approach to Drug Policy in New York

Leading the Way: Opening Plenary: Drug Policy Today – Where are We Now?

Leading the Way Welcome and Keynote HD

Leading the Way: Closing Plenary: Leading the Way on Drug Policy: towards a Public Health and Safety Approach

LGBTQ Homeless Youth – Digital Technologies

INQ13 – Module 1 – Michelle Fine and Maria Elena Torre – Knowing Inequality and Social Justice Research

INQ13 -Module 2 – Ed Morales, Felipe Luciano and Marta Moreno Vega – “Seeing” Inequalities & East Harlem in the 21st Century

INQ13 – What is the Future of Public Housing?

INQ13 – Linda Tuhiwai Smith and Eve Tuck – Decolonizing Methodologies

INQ 13 – Pedro Pedraza, Rita Prats, Eduardo Peñaloza, Nicholas Tishuk – Reimagining Education

INQ 13 – Barbara Miner and Karen Lewis – Organizing Education for Equality

INQ 13 – Teddy Cruz – Diaspora: How Does El Barrio Live Beyond East Harlem?

INQ 13 – Global Restructuring Urban Inequalities, Everyday Life and the Right to the City

INQ 13 – Laura Pulido and Ruth Wilson Gilmore – Resisting Inequality in the 21st Century

INQ 13 – Zooming In: Reports on Works in Progress

INQ 13 – Pedro Juan Hernández – Community Based Research And Partnerships

Summit #1 Altmetrics: Changing Measures for Scholarly Impact

Summit #1 – Poverty, YouTube and Representation

Summit #1 – Professor Anthea Butler In Conversation With Provost Chase F. Robinson

Summit #2 – Visualizing Big Data

Summit #2 – Stopping Stop & Frisk: Resisting Criminalization through Academic-Media-Activist Partnerships: Stopping Stop-and-Frisk

Summit #2 – Public Health Responses – Resisting or Expanding Criminalization

Summit #2 – Shutting Down the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Summit #2 – The House I Live In – Documentary and Discussion

#TtW13 – Alice Marwick

#TtW 13 – Memory and the Speed of Data

#TtW 13 – Free Speech For Whom

#TtW 13 – Infostructures of Knowledge

#TtW 13 – The New Politics of Participation and Persuasion