Leading the Way: Toward a Public Health & Safety Approach to Drug Policy in New York

May 2-3, 2013; Robert Granfield; Gabriel Sayegh; Eugene Jarecki-Director-The House I Live In; Senator Mark Grisanti; Drug Policy Alliance-Buffalo-NY; The Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy; Assemblymember Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes; Senator Sean M. Ryan; War on Drugs; Rockefeller Drug Laws; Assemblymember Jeffrion Aubry; Jim Anderson-Citizen Action of NY; asha bandele-moderator; Advocacy Grants Program-Drug Policy Alliance; Soffiyah Elijah-Correctional Association of New York-panelist; Nuno Capaz-Dissuasion Commission of Lisbon-Ministry of Health-Portugal-panelist; Elizabeth Glazer-Deputy Secretary for Public Safety-New York-panelist; Karima Amin-Prisoners are People Too-panelist; Christopher St. John-Producer-The House I Live In-panelist; Svante Myrick-Mayor-Ithaca-NY-panelist

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