JustPublics@365 Summits: Create. Connect. Transform.

A key component of the JustPublics@365 are Summits. Each of these high-profile events is intended to engage academics in creating new kinds of knowledge streams (podcasts, videos, data visualizations). Connecting scholars, activists, policy makers, and media to wider publics. Focusing on specific areas and ways that, working together, we can transform the world in ways that promote social justice.

Leading the Way: Toward a Public Health & Safety Approach to Drug Policy in New York (May 2-3, 2013) in partnership with Drug Policy Alliance. Hashtag: #BluePrint

Summit: Resisting Criminalization through Academic-Media-Activist Partnerships (April 22, 2013)

Summit: Reimagining Scholarly Communication for the 21st Century (March, 2013)

Our Social Justice Topic Series extend and deepen the work of the JustPublics@365 Summits. Following on the Summits, we’ve covered similar topics such as stop and friskfrom punishment to public health; and scholarly communication in the digital era. In each series, we curate original content from scholars, journalists and activists around that subject. Then, we compile those contributions into a free eBook, for use in teaching, research, reporting and activism.

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