Fall MediaCamp Workshops

JustPublics@365 is continuing to offer its MediaCamp Workshops in partnership with the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism (J-School).

The MediaCamp Workshops are skills-building sessions for intellectuals who want to combine research and digital media for the public good.  All sessions are FREE and open to anyone from CUNY or another institution or organization who would like to attend. There is no limit to the number of workshops for which you can register. However, workshops fill up quickly and there are often waiting lists, so sign up soon! All events take place at the CUNY J-School, 219 W. 40th Street, New York, NY, 10018.

This fall, JustPublics@365 will be offering beginner and more advanced MediaCamp workshops, which will cover crucial digital media skills like how to use Twitter, Blogging, and Analytics.

Twitter: Social Media Practicum (Beginner)
Tuesday, 10/29-5-8pm.  Register.
Blogging: Social Media Practicum (Beginner)
Friday, 11/1 1-4pm.  Register.
Analytics and Metrics: Advanced Social Media (Beginner)
Tuesday, 11/5, 1-4pm.  Register.
Advanced Twitter (Intermediate)
Wednesday, 11/20, 4-7pm.  Register.
Live Multimedia Blogging (Intermediate)
Monday, 12/9, 4-7pm.  Register.
Beyond Podcasting: Live Web-based Radio Talk Shows (Intermediate)
Tuesday, 12/17, 4-7pm.  Register.

Twitter: Social Media Practicum
Tuesday, 10/29-5-8pm. Register here.
Instructor: Sandeep Junnarkar
In this hands-on workshop, we’ll work with Twitter, taking the steps necessary to establish your academic brand presence on this social media platform. We’ll explore the following skills:

  • Selecting an appropriate user ID or “handle”
  • Creating a useful Twitter profile
  • Writing style when limited to 140 characters
  • Following other Twitter personalities
  • Retweeting tweets and direct messaging
  • Integrating your Twitter presence into your WordPress.com blog

Blogging: Social Media Practicum
Friday, 11/1, 1-4pm. Register here.
Instructor: Sandeep Junnarkar
This workshop takes academic attendees through the basic steps of establishing a blog — an online space to highlight their research and accomplishments. We’ll consider the merits of various free plug-and-play blogging platforms like WordPress.com and Tumblr. While each has its merits, we’ll delve into WordPress.com during this session, including the following skills:

  • Creating a WordPress.com account
  • Writing a post, title and excerpt for each entry
  • Uploading and/or embedding media (photographs and PDFs)
  • Hyperlinking to your work
  • Changing design themes
  • Updating or editing posts

Analytics and Metrics: Advanced Social Media
Tuesday, 11/5 1-4pm. Register here.
Instructor: Sandeep Junnarkar
You’ve built a WordPress site and meticulously posted your research and analysis. You’re Tweeting up a storm. But is anyone actually reading and sharing your work? The first step in driving more traffic to your site is to get a better sense of the site’s current traffic. Where are visitors coming from? How long do they stay? What time of day draws the most visitors? What actionable steps can you take on Twitter to build an engaged following?Armed with this info, you can begin to tweak your publication schedule, keywords and content to attract a greater number of visitors and keep them longer on your site. We’ll explore the following skills:

  • Embedding Google’s Analytics script to measure traffic
  • Analyzing when a visitor comes to the site and how long they stay
  • Distinguishing between new visitors and returning visitors
  • Determining the geographic source of the traffic
  • Distinguishing between SEO-driven traffic and Social Media-driven traffic
  • Measuring traffic and engagement via Twitter

Pre-session work: (Completed in previous workshops – or on your own – establishing a social media presence through Twitter and WordPress blogging.)

* * *

Want to take your digital media skills to the next level?
Take our advanced workshops!

Advanced Twitter
Wednesday, 11/20, 4-7pm. Register here.
Instructor: Sandeep Junnarkar
Already have your Twitter handle?  Know your way around @ replies and hashtags?  Want to start building followers and using Twitter more effectively in your research, scholarship and advocacy?  Then this workshop is for you.

Live Multimedia Blogging
Monday, 12/9, 4-7pm. Register here.
Instructor: Sandeep Junnarkar
In this workshop, we bring together blogging, social media and smartphones.Participants will learn how to live-blogging academic conferences and nonprofit events using smartphones to capture audio and video interviews, photographs from the scene, tweets and other forms of engagement into one curated narrative thread.You will how to use two tools:

  • Storify, a great tool to curate the best social media content.
  • ScribbleLive, which allows individuals or small teams to collaborate from the scene and bring media they produce and social media into one narrative thread.

Beyond Podcasting: Live Web-based Radio Talk Shows
Tuesday, 12/17, 4-7pm. Register here.
Instructor: Sandeep Junnarkar
Talk shows are a powerful way to inform and engage people interested in the topics you research as an academic or advocate for as an non-profit organization. But most think of live radio talk shows as the preserve of media conglomerates who own broadcast towers, Federal Communications Commission licenses and large production crews. Resources that most of us don’t have.This workshop, however, introduces academics and non-profit leaders to tools and techniques that allows them to create and run their own LIVE radio shows. This is LIVE audio on the web that allows your audience to ask questions and provide perspective.

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