Transforming Higher Education Discussion Today, 1st Floor Cafe

Just a reminder that our discussion of transforming higher education starts today at noon!  Please note, there’s been a change of location for today only – people will be meeting in the 1st Floor Cafe (there’s some event in the Dining Commons, so it’s closed today).  The following Friday’s we’ll be upstairs.

In case you missed it, the full description of the discussion series is here. From the beginning, JustPublics@365 has been deeply engaged in questions of transformation in higher education, so we are partnering with Davidson and HASTAC to bring discussions of the Davidson’s course and of #FutureEd. to the CUNY Graduate Center.

Everyone is welcome (if you don’t work at the GC, simply come to the building at 365 Fifth Avenue, at the corner of 34th St., show your photo ID, and proceed  to the 1st Floor cafe).  The discussion today will be lead by: Lisa Brundage (Director, CUNY Advance) and Polly Thistlethwaite (Chief Librarian).

Our lunchtime meetings will serve as a local and informal “discussion section” of the course and of the future of higher education.  We’re interested in thinking about the future of higher education, as well as about how we might shape that future of higher education in ways that promote social justice.

If you are reading this post, then you have the basic skills necessary to participate in the online course, and you can sign up for free at Coursera. Once you’ve registered for the course, you don’t have to show up at any particular time for the online course. You can take it whenever is convenient for you.

The recommended readings for the course are Professor Davidson’s book Now You See It: How Technology and the Brain Science of Attention Will Change the Way We Live, Work and Learn(Viking2011), which will be made available free online for the first 50,000 students who register for the course through Coursera.