Transitions: Jack Gieseking Moves to Bowdoin

With happiness for her and sadness for us, it’s our duty to report that JustPublics@365 Project Manager Jack Gieseking is leaving JP@365 to take on a new a position at Bowdoin College as a postdoctoral fellow in Bowdoin’s new Digital and Computational Studies Initiative.


Jack Gieseking

Jack defended her doctoral dissertation on October 22, 2012 and then almost immediately began work as Project Manager a few weeks later.  We snapped her up for the same reasons that Bowdoin sought her out: her enormous enthusiasm for her work, her facility with digital tools, her boundless curiosity, her care and concern for everyone around her, and, of course, her uncanny ability to set up immensely complex, multi-tabbed spreadsheets with ease. Over the eight months she worked on the project, Jack helped get JP@365 up and running and kept it moving over the course of an extremely busy launch.

We are enormously grateful to Jack for her great work and we know she’ll go on to do wonderful things at Bowdoin and beyond. We will miss her and we’ll be staying tuned to her twitter account, @JGieseking, to hear about the work she’ll be embarking upon next year. Good luck, Jack, and thanks for everything!

~ Jessie Daniels & Matthew K. Gold