Joseph Straus on Disability Studies and Music Theory

JustPublics@365 Joe Straus PodcastIn this week’s episode of the JustPublics@365 Podcast Series, I interview Joseph Straus on his work on disability studies and music. Professor Straus is a Distinguished Professor in the Music Department at the Graduate Center and author of Extraordinary Measures: Disability in Music (2011) and Sounding Off: Theorizing Disability in Music (2006). In addition to his work on disability in music, Professor Straus has worked on StravinskyTwelve-tone Serialism, and Ruth Crawford Seeger.

Our conversation centers around Professor Sraus’s research and theorizing on disability in music. We discuss how disability has traditionally been treated by music theorists and why Professor Straus has decided to take a different approach.


Podcast – Joseph Straus



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